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Bakuvipair, on the one hand, hereinafter referred to as "Contractor" acting on the basis of the Charter, and any person accepting this proposal, on the conditions that follow, hereinafter referred to as "User", on the other hand, shall be hereinafter referred to as "Parties" to the Offer Agreement. The Parties recognize the www.bakuvipair as the proper official website of the Contractor (hereinafter the "Contractor's website"). Any changes to the agreement should be made by way of e-mail correspondence.
The parties recognize this agreement, attested with an equivalent of a handwritten signature, as binding. In all other respects, all the terms and conditions of this agreement shall have the same effectiveness as it would have if it were made in hard copy. To accept the agreement, the User must submit the order form on the website of the Contractor or pay in accordance with the bill in the manner and pursuant to the conditions provided for in this Agreement and specified in the bills for payment. If the User makes a payment in accordance with the bill, whereof validity period as per its conditions has expired at the time of the payment, such payment is considered by the Parties equivalent to the acceptance of the offer, while the amount of payment valid at the time of payment is reflected in the credit organization profile. If the User fails to accept, the Offer Agreement shall be deemed terminated. Payment of the bill is made using one of the methods offered by the system when placing an order and generating the bills for payment of the services. The User's payment is a complete acceptance of this Agreement with all the Appendices and supplements to it and confirms acquaintance and acceptance of all its terms in full.


The Contractor is Bakuvipair which provides booking and registration services for VIP Lounges in Baku Airport, as indicated on the Site. The User is a legally capable natural person who has reached the age of 18, who has the legal right to enter into a contractual relationship, place the Order on the site www.bakuvipair in his own benefit or for the benefit of third parties. An Order is a properly issued User's request for the services VIP Lounge, Fast Track, Meet & Assist, Fast Track + VIP Lounge, as specified on the Site. The user has the right to use any combination of the following services:

VIP Lounge is the airport's VIP lounge services (clearance in pre-flight formalities: customs control, check-in for the flight, passport control).

Fast Track is an expedited (prioritized) clearance in pre-flight formalities in the common airport hall in the company of a representative.

Fast Track + VIP Lounge is an expedited clearance in flight formalities in a common airport hall and a visit to the VIP lounge.


1.1. By ordering services via Bakuvipair, the User agrees with the terms and conditions of this Public Offer Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement") set forth below.
1.2. The User agrees with the Agreement by clicking on the "Pay" button. By agreeing to the terms of this Agreement, the User confirms his/her rights and legal capability, financial solvency, as well as awareness of the liability for the obligations imposed on the User pursuant to this Agreement. The User confirms the authenticity of his personal data, as well as the data of passengers (third parties) and assumes all responsibility for its accuracy, completeness and reliability. The User assumes all possible commercial risks (making out a new order, tariffs changing, refund, etc.) related to the User's faults of making mistakes, allowing inaccuracies in the provision of personal data.


2.1. The order is made out by the User at his own discretion using the Site.
2.2. When completing the Order, the User must fill in all the fields indicated in the Booking System as "mandatory" fields.
2.3. Any changes to any passenger's personal data in the Order results in the tariffs agreed in the Order becoming invalid, because changing these passenger data in the order means that the User must cancel the Order and issue a new one. The User assumes all possible commercial risks related to their faults of making mistakes and inaccuracies submitting personal data.


3.1. The cost of the Order is indicated on the Site. In the event of any errors in the cost of the Order, Bakuvipair informs the User as soon as possible. The User may at his option confirm the Order with the revised cost or cancel the Order. If we cannot get in touch with the User, the Order is considered to be canceled. Bakuvipair refunds the money to the User at the User's written request.
3.2. Payment methods are indicated on the Site in the section "Payment methods".


4.1. In the event that the User for any reason wishes to cancel the order, he must send a letter notifying of his wish to cancel the Order to the e-mail address If the User is unable to send such notification (due to having no Internet access, etc.) the user must contact the operator by phone and cancel the order.
4.2. In case the User cancels the paid Order, the cost of the canceled Order, less the actual expenses of Bakuvipair, shall be transferred to the User's account for subsequent Orders, or the money can be refunded to him at his written request.
4.3. Bakuvipair has the right to cancel the Agreement at any time without prior notification if the User fails to comply with the procedure and terms of booking and payment for services.


5.1. Guarantees and liability of Bakuvipair:
5.1.1 Bakuvipair is not liable for any negative consequences and losses incurred as a result of events and circumstances beyond its competence, as well as for acts (omissions) of third parties, namely:
- in case it is impossible to fulfill undertaken obligations due to inaccurate, insufficient and delayed information and documents provided by the User, or if the User fails to comply with the conditions of this Agreement or requirements for documents
- for the actions of customs and immigration authorities
- due to restrictions imposed by competent authorities on passengers limiting their right to go abroad from the Azerbaijan Republic
- for the actions of the consulates of foreign states, including delay, waiver or prolonged times of issue of entry visas
- for the consequences of the passenger's violation of customs and border formalities, travel and baggage regulations, as well as violations of special rules of conduct in the country of temporary sojourn


6.1. All textual information and graphic images on the Site are the property of Bakuvipair and its counterparties
6.2. Reprinting, reproduction in any form, distribution, including translation of any materials from the Site are allowed only with the written permission of Bakuvipair
6.3. Using documents and related graphic images published on the Site is subject to explicit statement of Bakuvipair copyright
6.4. When reprinting materials, it is mandatory to refer to the Site as the source of publication, and to indicate other sources of information mentioned in the material. If the materials are posted on the Internet, there must also be a link to the Site.
6.5. Documents and associated graphic images published on the Site can be used only for information, non-commercial or personal purposes
6.6. Any documents and associated graphic images published on the Site should not be in any way changed
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